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We are one of the biggest battery recyclers in Auckland.

Our battery recycling service is second to none in efficiency and environmental responsibility.  Nobody does it better and nobody pays more for batteries in Auckland.

We currently recycle over 15 tonnes of scrap batteries every week.  Because of the volume that we process, we are able to pay top prices for scrap batteries.

Whether you are an auto electrician, a workshop, or just have a few dead batteries lying around, give us a call to get the best prices available.

Nobody pays more for batteries in Auckland!





Battery Recycling

Most types of battery can be recycled though some types are recycled more easily than others.  Lead acid automotive batteries are almost 90% recycled.

Recycling Lead–acid batteries

Lead-acid are recycled by grinding them, neutralizing the acid and separating the polymers from the lead. The recovered materials are used in a variety of applications, including new batteries.  The lead in a lead–acid battery is easily recycled but elemental lead is toxic and so must be kept out of the waste stream.

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