oil-filter-recyclingOil Filter Recycling Auckland

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The oil filters that we collect are drained and then crushed in a 60 tonne press (so removing 95% of the remaining oil).  They are then shredded, which removes the paper elements, and the steel is heat treated before being prepared for export.

MRG is one of only a few Oil Filter recyclers in New Zealand, and the only Scrap Metal dealer to offer this service.

Disposing of oil filters in normal rubbish (ending up in landfill) is illegal.  It is not possible to recycle them a conventional manner. Compliance with Council regulations and environmental consideration is an ongoing issue for all in the Automotive industry.  We make it possible for you to recycle oil filters in a safe, responsible manner at an affordable price.



Unrivaled Service

We offer an oil filter recycling service that is unrivaled by any other processor.  Our price to our automotive customers is just $50 per drum.  As opposed to other recyclers who charge up to $100 per drum (or even $1 per filter).

For those who are not our regular automotive customers the charge is $75 per drum.

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